Affordable, safe, and convenient liver disease diagnosis and tracking.

Over 80 million Americans are at risk for contracting non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a serious liver disease. NASH is rarely tested for, as it is risky, painful, and expensive to diagnose and, as a result, NASH is dangerously under-identified and under-treated. To combat this harmful gap in healthcare, Vixi Biotech is commercializing the first-ever affordable, safe, and convenient non-invasive diagnostic test for NASH.

AccuNash™ by Vixi Biotech is the first and only non-invasive method of diagnosing and tracking NASH. It simply relies on a blood sample, allowing patients for the first time ever to track the progression and regression of their disease over time while foregoing liver biopsy procedures.

About Vixi Biotech

Vixi was founded in November 2017 and has since won top awards at multiple medical and business competitions. Vixi is comprised of a diverse team consisting of business, engineering, and medical backgrounds.

AccuNash for Research

AccuNash will increase the quantity, speed, and efficacy of data collection, allowing pharmaceutical companies working to develop new treatments for NASH to gather the data they need at a faster and cheaper rate that’s safer for their trial patients.